Nathan Spencer

Local 600 (International Cinematographers Guild) 1st AC - Movie Camera Dept Technician
Live Television EIC

Camera & RF Technician

More than 25 years experience of installing and operating all types of analogue, digital, SD & HD, SHD and 3D, Fixed and Mobile RF equipment for Film and Television, in more than 40 countries around the World. (International Cinematographers Guild Member).

Digital Video Engineer

Extensive knowledge of HD, UHD and 3D Video Production Equipment in Outside Broadcast situations. Experience as EIC & Project Manager for many Sports, News and Entertainment shows. Occasional Camera Operator (Handheld and Remote Heads).

Coding and Online Design

Comprehensive knowledge of several programming languages as well as website design and a complete understanding of Adobe Photoshop and other graphics tools. Able to design, create and publish online HTML projects as well as print media to extremely high standards.

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Recent Film & Television Work

Dawn of the
Planet of the Apes
RF Technician - Movie


BBC / PBS 'Big Blue Live'
Live Camera EIC - Live TV


The Hangover 3
RF Technician - Movie


SuperBowl Halftime Show
Airborne Camera - Live TV


Above, are just a small selection of the recent shows I've worked on in Film & Television.

About Me

I have been working in the Film & Television Industry since 1992.  Working primarily as an RF Technician specializing in HD, UHD & 3D Video Transmissions (for Video Assist) during Movie shoots. I am a member of IATSE Local 600 (International Cinematographers Guild) and can work union and non-union Movies & Commercials, as well as Television.

In addition, I have been using the time available between Film & TV work to build on my knowledge of Online and Graphic Design by creating numerous websites and software applications.


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I was bought in as a consultant by Warner Bros. to design and build a groundbreaking Digital Wireless Video Assist System. I took RF techniques I'd learned over many years in television and found they could be successfully applied to movies.
Designing and building RF systems for sports coverage such as Marathons and Cycle Races requires multiple systems and techniques to enable rock-solid transmission sometimes in excess of 50 miles!
I was thrown in at the deep end on a BBC show many years ago and handed a camera which I was expected to operate (I was actually there as an engineer)... So I did it - and many, many more times since!
25+ Years in TV & Film!